Elevate Your event experience

Cassy Rose Events produces distinct events and designs intimate spaces for life’s most meaningful moments.


Beyond Design

We have built a reputation for managing complex production logistics with an unwavering dedication to your creative vision. From navigating the potential challenges of unique venues or private estates, to keeping everyone on track and organized, we’re here to support you so you can savor your excitement instead of getting lost in the details.

understated elegance

The intention behind a Cassy Rose event is always gracious and grounded, never overdone. For an event that looks and feels effortless, our fresh design aesthetic offers classic undertones punctuated by dramatic elements, so you can elevate your guest experience while still holding an intimate space for your guests to connect.

creative direction

Rather than ask you to work with an in-house team that could compromise your vision, we dip into our global industry connections to bring you a short-list of the best creative talent for your budget and aesthetic. Let us help you hand-select a team of vendors that we’re confident can effortlessly capture your personal style and create the distinct setting you’re envisioning for your event.

meaningful moments

When it’s time to celebrate, you deserve to soak up every moment. We create intimate spaces where you and your guests can connect on a deeper level. Our hands-on approach to designing, producing, and executing your event ensures every detail is accounted for, your event flows seamlessly, and any hiccup is smoothed over before anyone even realizes it happened.

emotional support

More than event planners, we’re trusted confidantes to you and your VIPs. Whether it’s being candid about what’s worth saving and splurging on or brainstorming the perfect role for your oldest childhood friend, we always take your concerns seriously. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

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